Shea Butter

Shea butter is also used by musicians to tone and condition their instrument. Since Shea butter softens wood and leather, it is used to improve the pitch of animal skin drums and the flexibility of other leather instruments.

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Ivory Shea Butter

There are many grades of Shea butter; grade A is the highest and grade F the lowest. This grading system is used to categorize the quality of the product, which is the result of the type of the soil in the nut is grown and the way the Shea butter is extracted. Our Shea butter is gotten from farmers and Shea nut cooperatives in the Northern area of Ghana, which is historically known to be one of the most reliable sources of good quality Shea butter.

We understand that clients require top quality products and we also know that long distance shipping is likely to have an effect on the overall quality of our product, therefore we use extra protective materials when packaging our Shea butter for shipping to avoid damage to the product or any deterioration to its quality due to changes in temperature and other factors.

Yellow Shea Butter
The green revolution has caused a boom in the market for natural products including Shea butter and every year the amount of Shea butter exported out of Africa grows. According to experts, the market for unprocessed products is growing at an incredible rate and is a positive sign of the awakening of the world to the effects of our activities on the environment. Why not join the new wave of green consciousness and buy from

We ship all grades of unrefined Shea butter across the world.

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